Christmas Concerts 'R' Us

Today we went to Aiden's Christmas concert. Our school has grades junior kindergarten all the way to grade 8 so they split the concert up over two days. Owen and Olivia's concert was yesterday.

My poor son is not feeling well and just looked so pale up on stage but he did really well. He even sang! I genuinely enjoy kid-Christmas-concerts... I think they are so cute.

I also think teachers are truly amazing people for pulling things like Christmas concerts off... seriously. You teachers out there? Are incredible. Thank-you for putting so much work into these things!!

Owen was in the Christmas choir so he got to sing at the beginning of both Christmas concerts.

He is actually singing in the picture but apparently Owen has to look just a bit strange in every picture we take of him.

Like this one adorable one of him and his buddy Okot...

It would be the best picture of the two of them except for the fact that Owen's cheeks are stuffed with food and he looks like a chipmunk or something! But I still love the picture :)

Unfortunately all three of my kids are coughing up a storm tonight. My boys have had bronchitis every single Christmas of their entire lives. I am not exaggerating. And Olivia? Has had pneumonia for 2 out of the past 3 Christmases. It seems that their Asthma always teams up with a nasty cold and the really cold weather this time of year.

You praying folks out there please feel free to pray this round ends quickly and we don't have to make any trips to the ER! Olivia has a fieldtrip to see Santa with her class tomorrow morning that I get to go on so hopefully she is well enough to participate. The boys have their Christmas parties and stuff over the next two days and don't want to miss them either. Asthma sucks.


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