Birthday Party Disappointment

Yesterday was Olivia's birthday party.

Her very first real birthday party with kids SHE choose to invite from her class at school.

She was so very excited. She helped me clean the house. She helped me decorate (all pink of course). She chose her perfect party dress. She even set up her little table and tea set.

By Friday night I was concerned- no one had RSVP'd. So I got a hold of two of my friends from church and begged them to bring their daughters to the party just in case no one came.

And it is a good thing I did.

Not one single friend that Olivia invited came to her party. Not. One.

She had fun with her two friends Cici and Vicky. They are a couple years older but they are very sweet and played so nicely with Olivia.

(they really did have fun... we just didn't manage to get a decent picture of the three of them together!)

And of course her brothers were there.

We made necklaces and bracelets.

We ate cake.

My boys rose to the occasion valiantly and participated fully in Olivia's princess-themed party. Although they did use their pink utensils and weapons of warfare. 

We opened presents.

Olivia seemed to be ok with the fact that none of her friends showed up. Although the girls did as a few times why they were the only ones there and if they were Olivia's only friends. My boys were especially confused and kept asking when her school friends were showing up.

And last night when I put her to bed I figured out why... she still thinks her birthday party is coming up. I tried to explain that it had already happened but she said "no, that wasn't my party. None of my friends from school came."

I tried to explain it all to her but she just didn't get it. So I am praying she just forgets about it with all the fun Christmas stuff happening.

She woke up this morning happy and hasn't brought it up again so hopefully all is well in Olivia's world.

I am sad. I am sad that no one even bothered to call and tell me they couldn't come. I would have called them but I don't know any of the parents - all I knew were the kids' first names. And I am sad that my baby girl's birthday party was so not what we had hoped for.

I realize things are busy with Christmas and everything but at least have the common decency to call. If I had known that NO ONE could come I would have made other arrangements instead of getting my sweet girl all excited for nothing!

I talked about birthday parties and Autism the other day. The irony for me is that Aiden's birthday parties are always extremely well attended. Always have been from his very first one.

Owen's birthday is on Thanksgiving and he sometimes gets shafted because of that. But he always has a few friends show up because we never have the party actually on the holiday.

But Olivia... my socially well adjusted sweet little girl... not one person she invited shows up.

So very sad.


Karyn Climans said…
That's disgusting! I'm upset too if people hadn't bothered to RSVP.
The only thing I can think of is ... did the invitations definitely get handed out at school?

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