Thursday 13: Things I Learned at Blissdom Canada

1. I love Shash just as much in person as I did online.

Shash & I

2. Bloggers like to party. Seriously.

@Shasherslife , @myrealreview and @RadioRedHead

3. I am an extremely small fish in a very large blogging pond ... I actually knew that already but it was confirmed for me.... but even small fish can make big ripples.

Alli @Alliworthington, Catherine Connors @herbadmother, Paula @PaulaBruno, Barbara @BarbaraJones

4. I have been missing out by not knowing a lot of my fellow Canadian bloggers... going to the spa with a whole bunch of them is a whole lot of fun. But we seem incapable of following the "absolutely no talking" rule. Sorry. 

5. I love the spa. Passionately.

6. I tend to underestimate the value of what I do.

Blissdom Canada 2010
Scott Stratten @Unmarketing

7. I haven't figured out my "One Word" yet.

Blissdom Canada 2010
Tammi @MyChaos , Lynette @myweeview , Stacie @mysticconn

8. I am an excellent virtual assistant. Actually, I kind of knew that already too but now other people know it as well. Just ask Tricia from Mabel's Labels.

Blissdom Canada 2010
Shash @shasherslife & Nicole - My Real Review / Canadian Mom Blogger - @myrealreview

9. I enjoyed being just me for a whole 3 days... sometimes it is nice not to have my "mommy" hat on all the time.

Blissdom Canada 2010
Shash - Shasher's Life / Canada Travels @shasherslife

10. I am significantly less sympathetic to people who wake me up by yelling into blowhorns, banging on buckets and blowing whistles on my very first night away from my kids in 4 years. Let that be a lesson to all you people on strike. Don't tick off the mommy-bloggers. 

Blissdom Canada 2010
Shash and the Chevy Cruze - one of the awesome Blissdom Canada Sponsors @AdriaMacKenzie

11. I do not own any fancy-but-comfortable shoes... and I am unwilling to suffer for fashion's sake.

Blissdom Canada 2010
One of the sessions... I think this is the one where I got to hear Tanis Miller - Attack of the Redneck Mommy - @redneckmommy speak. Love her.

12. I am terrified of driving in Toronto and plan to never ever do it in my whole life. Ever. Because I think Toronto drivers might have a death wish and might take me down with them. And those bicycle couriers are lunatics. I hope they get paid some serious danger-pay.

Blissdom Canada 2010
Tammi - My Organized Chaos - @MyChaos

13. I loved connecting in real life with some really truly amazing women. It was truly blissful! I want to go back.

Blissdom Canada 2010
(Janice - 5 Minutes for Mom - @5minutesformom & Casey @mooshinindy)


Anonymous said…
I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.
tarasview said…
you look fabulous in the pictures :)
Tammi said…
Oh for the love of.....
That pics of me...oh my!
I agree with Lynette, I thought they had to be pre-approved!
Laughing so hard!!!

Lindsay Ann said…

I would be one of those drivers. We aren't all crazy, but I do tend to curse a lot....

In my defence, I grew up in the country and learned my speed habits there. There is very little traffic when you're bombing between corn fields.
Tara Robertson said…
you look fabulous :)
Tara Robertson said…
next time you have to come with us!!
Tanya said…
So fun! I refuse to suffer in the shoe dept for fashion sake either!
I also heart the spa and worked at one until I started working with you gals.
I'm very happy to hear you had a great time as just's so needed isn't it?!
tarasview said…
yes it was! Did you know I didn't get a single picture of you? Not one. In fact most of the pictures on my camera were taken by Shannon!! Go figure. :)
Julie Cole said…
awesome! great to hang out, especially at the roundtable!
Lynette said…
:) I thought all pics had to be pre approved?!? How the heck do I look that short,,, jeppers...

Thanks for the pics Tara!

tarasview said…
loved meeting you IRL too- so much fun!
@BarbaraJones said…
It was so great to have you there and fun to see the posts with you and @shasherslife meeting IRL for the first time! Glad you had fun and we'll be looking forward to next year!!
Tara Robertson said…
you have far too much free time apparently... I bet there is some work you could be doing :P
Tara Robertson said…
you commented more?
Tara Robertson said…
it has actually been a rather difficult process to get it put on my blog... apparently I am challenged... and I still can't figure out how to change the default avatar thingy so everyone looks like a man.
Shannon Mischuk said…
i must have too much time on my hands.... :) I'm in the hotel with Dave, we're like two old people - watching TV and I'm on the Computer.... first night alone in how long..... lol
Tara Robertson said…
go sign up for disqus and then figure out how to change the avatar thingys and then explain it to me :)
Shash said…
hey, where'd my comment go.....
Shannon Mischuk said…
k, I don't like my manly looking avitar....
Shash said…
I can't believe you put that video up on YouTube and then your blog!! I'm laughing out loud so hard my stomach aches. I CANNOT SING!! Now I know why my hubby NEVER lets me have the mic during worship time at church. WOW! That was a whole lot of fun. Everything was, from the time I picked you up at the airport but not when I had to drop you off there. :( boo but I'm so glad we finally got to see each other without pixels!!

p.s. I'm LOVING the disquis comment thingy... help me put it on my blog pleeeeeease!!! :) x0x0x0x0x

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