Injured on Vacation * Guest Post *

This is a guest post from my dear friend Shash who blogs at Canada Travels and Shasher's Life. She is a seasoned traveller and I asked her to share this story with you all... 

Have you ever been injured while on vacation?

In 2008 we took the kids to spend 10 days in the Smoky Mountains. Nearing the end of our trip, the last day at Dollywood, I had an accident. Actually a couple....

When we first entered the park my hubby wanted to go hear a Gospel quartet, as we were waiting for it to start, my youngest child was wiggling like only a 2 year old can. In a matter of seconds of trying to get him to sit still, he flailed his arms and one of his hands made its way to my face and he scratched my left cornea. Man that stung!! I was a trooper though, I managed to make it to the first aid station and they patched my eye but I continued to walk the rest of the park with the family, to make sure they got to ride all the rides they had missed the 2 days before.

My superpowers were starting to wane later in the afternoon. When it started to rain, I drew the line and pulled rank that we were leaving the park. After we went for ice cream of course....

While we were sitting having ice cream I reached in for the camera and realized that I didn't have it, after searching all over the place I decided to go to the lost and found and fill out a report. As I was leaving the ice cream shoppe, I started to run (to keep dry from the downpour) when my flip flops went out from underneath me and I fell forward, directly onto my knees. Who knew that when new asphalt with mega amounts of sealant spray on top of it gets slippery when wet??!!!

So here I am, a pirate patch over my left eye and I'm on all fours in the pouring rain in the middle of the amusement park. I kept thinking to myself, "Don't cry!" "Don't cry!" and then I started to bawl, uncontrollable sobs! A man that was sitting at a table by the entrance to the ice cream shoppe quickly came to my aide and picked me up. My right knee was the size of a cantaloupe!! It had swelled up nicely.

walked in... wheeled out

Security was called - people wanted me to fill out accident reports... I just wanted to get home. They gave me an ice pack and put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me out of the park. A great last day at Dollywood.

By the time we got back to our resort, my eye was swollen almost shut and my knee was pounding. I decided the pain was too great for this super-mom to take so my hubby took me to the Emergency at the local community hospital. American hospitals are sooooo different than those in Canada (we were in and out within an hour)!!! But I'll save that for another soapbox moment.


I am so thankful we decided to get out-of-country travel insurance at the last minute (thank goodness for the internet, we really leave things to the last minute!). With the particular insurance that we had, we didn't have to pay a cent up front. When we got home, the hospital sent us a bill for our records and boy oh boy oh boy, thank goodness I had travel insurance!!! The tiny tube of eye cream was $80, this tube was smaller than the smallest sample tube of cream I have ever seen!! The rest of the charges equaled to what we paid to stay at our resort for two weeks!!!

So many times I've thought, "I never get hurt or sick on holidays", "I never use the insurance I've paid for" and could have so easily decided not to purchase it this time. That would have been a huge financial mistake! I can't imagine what people would do if they didn't purchase travel insurance and got injured?? For me... it's purchasing peace of mind!

So my travel tip to you today is.... take a few moments while planning your next holiday and purchase travel insurance.


oh that is some bad luck. I would have handled it the same as you and cried my eye out. That is a good thing you had insurance, I've heard it costs a small penny in the US. I'm soo over insured but it can be a good thing sometimes.
Shash said…
Oh that was one PAIN-FILLED vacation!! I will never forget, even this past summer when we were there, I shuddered as I passed the "infamous" patch of cement where I fell and sat in that same seat in the theatre to hear that same group.... Not a trip I'd want to repeat every again!!

Thanks for posting it for me Tara!
Sweet Mummy said…
When you do it, you do it well, eh, Shash!?

WOW! We travel so often too and we've had these kinds of things come up enough that we ALWAYS have travel insurance when we go now...

Here's hoping you (and we!) don't have any more trips like this one! ;)
the Doug said…
Wow, that is certainly a great example of why we get insurance on trips. I think next time we travel I'll spend a little more time figuring out what insurance to get.... THANKS for sharing!
Oh my!
when reading I didn't know if I should laugh or cry! What a vacation, and the pic is priceless! We never travel without insurance. Never used it - but you are in deep without it! A perfect example of that!
So, Shannon - have you been back there since? And, have the nightmares subsided?

Shelagh said…
Every time I pay for insurance, I feel a little sting - the likelihood is I won't use it so I am throwing my money away. And who has spare money to throw away?
The thing is, the second you need it... it is the best dollar you will have ever spent.
When things go haywire - the last thing you want to be worried about is how to pay for it!
I would say Shash, you could chalk that up to one very bad day!
Simply Stacie said…
Eek I am a risk taker I guess. I have never purchased travel insurance yet, but I know that I should be. Mind you I don't go too many places LOL.
Ruth said…
We are planning our vacation to Cuba next year...knowing our wonderful luck, we better have travel insurance:-) We will need to figure out the right kind. I am glad that you were ok and fortunate enough to plan ahead.
My bad, I never even think about travel insurance :( The title of this post scared me, I thought you were injured at the blogger's conference! Glad you survived that holiday :)
Tanya said…
That is some seriously bad luck. I wouldn't have been as good natured...just sayin'! Travel insurance is an absolute non-negotiable for's almost always the last thing I double check with hubs about before we walk out the door...JUST TO MAKE SURE :)
Katherine said…
Wow...that would be a horrible yet memorable trip. Your story has really make me think about getting insurance the next time we go on holidays. Thank you for sharing!

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