Gift Idea: Deca Sports 3

 We were sent a demo copy of Deca Sports 3 for Wii to try out. Here is some information about the game:

Product Description

Deca Sports 3 is a sports compilation game for play on Wii. The third release in the popular Deca Sports franchise, this new iteration brings ten new family-friendly sports competition opportunities into player's living rooms, ranging from more familiar events like volleyball, snowboarding and skiing to the less familiar diving, lacrosse and even a lumberjack competition. The game features multiple game modes, local four-player support via the Wii Remote, as well as online multiplayer options, and team customization. 

10 Complete Sporting Events, Better Than Ever

Deca Sports, the hit sports compilation series that has sold over 2.5 million units worldwide, is returning to Wii with ten completely new sporting events in Deca Sports 3. Simple controls let your entire family play together as you swing, flip, and spike your way to the winner's circle across all ten events. These include: Indoor Volleyball, Racquetball, Air Racing, Kayaking, Lacrosse, Fencing, Halfpipe (Snowboarding), Giant Slalom (Skiing), Springboard Diving, and even a Lumberjack Competition. In addition, this time around along with local four player support, you can play online with a friend in four of the included events: Volleyball, Lacrosse, Racquetball and Fencing. To top things off, players can even use their Wii MotionPlus accessory (sold separately) to increase the sensitivity of their Wii Remote to levels they never thought possible. 

Key Game Features

  • Ten diverse sporting events to compete in
  • Play with up to four people in your own home or head-to-head with an opponent online in 4 major sporting events using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Create your own team with the Team Editor: pick the name, colors, emblem, and the look and attributes of the players themselves.
  • Game support for the Wii MotionPlus accessory, allowing for more accurate play than ever
  • Two game levels, normal and master modes, allow every player to be engaged in every event


This game was mostly played by my husband and two sons so here is what they had to say about it:

Aiden (age 8): " I like it because when dad plays with me it is really fun even though I usually lose. I like doing the different things. I LOVE lacrosse. It is really fun. My second favourite is raquetball. It is hard but I still like it."

Owen (age 7): "Airplane (aka Air Racing) is hard but really fun. I like tennis and volleyball the most."

Doug (aka dad): "It used the motion part of the Wii far more effectively than I expected. Since we only had the demo version we only got to try four of the ten games which means we couldn't really evaluate the game fully. The boys struggled with figuring out the more complex moves like in the flying game. Flying sideways caused them a lot of trouble. Lacrosse is really fun."

When I asked the boys if they thought Deca Sports 3 would make a good Christmas gift Aiden said "oh ya" and Owen said "definitely for sure".

So there you have it!

Thanks so much to Hudson Entertainment for sending us a review copy of this game.


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