Christmas is coming...

I love Christmas. I always have. Partly because my birthday is on Christmas day which made it pretty  much the best day of the year when I was a kid... and partly because I think the whole Jesus coming to earth as a baby thing is really cool. 
I usually make myself wait until Dec. 1st to decorate for Christmas but this year I decided we could start early. Olivia has been asking to decorate for a few weeks now and I figured why not?

So here is what our living room looked like when we started...

 (notice Olivia sitting on the couch trying to wait patiently for the decorating to commence)

Owen found the Santa hat that he adores and promptly put it on his head... it kind of looks like he has a furry halo or something :)

 He tried to make daddy wear a Santa hat as well but it didn't really fit Doug too well. 

Olivia put her Santa dress on and Grandma came over and we got to work decorating. 

 I tried to get a few pictures of Olivia smiling ... but she took decorating the tree very seriously... she really was having fun though despite the stern look on her face!

We drank hot chocolate and watched Christmas movies and messed up my very clean living room and generally had a lovely time. 

Unfortunately Aiden was sick today- he had a fever for most of the day and pretty much spent the day lying on the couch. He even fell asleep for a couple hours which he NEVER does unless he is really unwell. Poor kid. I'm not sure what he has exactly but I hope it is just a 24 hour thing whatever it is.

And here is what the tree looks like right now... it is not done though. It will be redecorated by the kids daily for the next few weeks I am sure.

I haven't decorated the rest of the house yet and I am trying to resist the urge to redecorate the whole tree now that the kids are in bed... I may or may not be a little anal about ornament placements.

It makes me happy to have Christmas decorations up. It just seems right. Decorations make the piles of snow and freezing cold weather outside feel a little less brutal!

(it is -13 degrees Celsius - or 8 degrees Fahrenheit - here today... brrrrr)

SO what about you? Have you started decorating yet? Do you love Christmas too or is it all a bah humbug to you?

35 days 'til Christmas :)


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