Beyblade - Metal Fusion for Wii *review*

We were sent Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress Wii for review. Here is a bit about the game:


The Bladers have returned for a shot at the World Beyblading Championships. The action is hotter than ever with each team bringing their enhanced spinning Beyblades to battle. Beybladers customize their Beyblades with different parts for winning strategies with offense and defensive abilities. In addition, each Beyblade is equipped with special attacks to fight with making no battle the same! Execute the Special Attack to inflict enormous damage to your opponent! Become the No.1 Beyblader by utilizing customization and special attacks!


  • Complete game-specific story with the original characters from the animation
  • 4 player Battle Mode competition against 3 other human or AI controlled enemies. Co-Op with allies or rally against one opponent.
  • Customize stadiums: Choose from various terrains and shapes to battle in
  • Save and carry the blades you create to your friends? houses using your Wii Remote

GUEST REVIEW by my husband!

This game was a surprise to me.  I had not idea what to expect.  I had never played with the beyblade toys or seen any television show about them, so aside from a few television commercials, I was clueless about how this game/story/universe worked or was presented.

The game we were sent was a demo copy.  As such there were only a few modes open.  This was unfortunate.  The training screens were longer then I expected and I struggled to read through it all.  The part of the game that was open was this combat arena.  

Actually playing the game was frustrating.  It didn’t feel like I was actually controlling much.  You drop these virtual tops into an arena and swing the wii remote around (while pressing buttons) hoping you can make your top smash into the other tops.  You try and knock your opponents out of the ring or be the last one standing.  I never got the feel of controlling the tops, and I was lost in the options and the different attributes that you had for each beyblade.

Perhaps in the full version of the game that had a story mode that you learned some of the more intricate control and more understanding of the attributes as they are revealed in the story. Story always works better for me then just reading instructions on how to play.

I can’t recommend this game on what was in the demo though.

Thanks so much to Hudson Entertainment for sending us a review copy of this game.


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