Yes I DO feel sorry for myself as a matter of fact.

I am sick.

I am grumpy.

All three kids have colds.

I spent 6 hours in the ER waiting room to get a prescription to make a UTI go away.

I am just a pleasant ray of sunshine let me tell you.



My Wee View said…
awwww!! Rest up Tara,, you've got a week and a half to feel better :))

Thank God for Husbands, take some time to yourself.

I'm about as much a ray of sunshine today as you are {blush}.
Sometimes the day is rough and you can't even wallow in a hole happily by yourself since there is very little time off as a mom.

Try get some rest - you've got a fun trip coming up :) Better this week than next!
Patricia Ward said…
Oh Honey, I wish I could make you better! Hope morning finds you feeling much better. I love you.
Sandra K321 said…
Whenever I start to feel like I have a UTI, I take a natural remedy that really does seem to help. It's called D-Mannose with CranActin by Solaray. I think other companies make it also. I get it at my local natural food store; it's expensive but it does work for me. I hate going to the doctor and taking anti-biotics. Hope you and the kids are all feeling better soon.
Margaret said…
You have every right! (once in a while anyway)

Anonymous said…
So sorry... hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!!
Unknown said…
Good grief! I hope you all feel better soon... So sorry you aren't feeling well.
Linnie said…

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