Wordless Wednesday- My new haircut as styled by my hairdresser this morning!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


NerdMom said…
So very cute!!! Is your hair naturally curly or did she curl it for you?
Tarasview said…
@NerdMom - my hair is naturally curly- my hairdresser actually tried to straighten it :)
homemom3 said…
I was just getting on to say it actually looks natural. I like it. I just got my hair cut and styled too, actually over the weekend. :) Hope you really like it.
I got my hair cut today too, Blissdom here we come!
{looking good!}

Patricia Ward said…
Wow, she's good, eh? It's beautiful - but your hair is always beautiful, lucky you!
Shoz said…
I have always been jealous of your hair. It looks beautiful!!! You rock!!!
Be-u-ti-ful!!! I always wish I had even a little curl in my hair! You look great. That's a fun cut and it looks so good on you!
Margaret said…
Looks great!

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