A Weekend Away

We are all at a hotel for the weekend because Doug gets to perform a wedding ceremony for a couple from our church. Weddings are one of the fun things ministers get to do on a fairly regular basis :). The wedding is tomorrow and just happens to be in a town 4ish hours away from ours so we get the added bonus of having a mini-vacation. The kids were excited to stay at a hotel- especially because it has a pool (of course). I took a few pictures while we were trying to get the kids to mellow out for the evening.

Olivia has been setting up all her little people / princesses / animals / play food etc. since we got here. We forgot her special bunny that she usually sleeps with at home and she is not too happy about that... bedtime should be interesting. She has been her typical mischievous self though and keeps opening the door of the room and staring at random people walking by.
Owen was super annoyed at me for taking his picture and at this point he was saying "no pictures" like I am the paparazzi or something :)
Aiden was all tuckered out from swimming and all the changes. His autism makes mini-vacations almost as stressful as they are fun for him. The change in routine can really mess him up but he does have fun.

I hope we all get a good sleep tonight so that I can have three pleasant, well behaved children to attend the wedding with me... the odds are not in my favour but I can still hope :).


lfhpueblo said…
I hope the wedding was enjoyable.
Pools at motels/hotels are the best part when you're a kid.
Patricia Ward said…
Loved this post, Tara, especially the way you kept referring to previous posts. Very nice. Glad u had fun in the hotel. All the kids said it was a very cool place, especially the huge water slide!

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