Thermos Brand is keeping me hydrated for Blissdom Canada!

I just wanted to show off my cool water bottles that sent me to use during Blissdom Canada this week! I think the ROHO Hydration Bottle (smaller one on the right in the picture) is so funky and pretty. The Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle  (the larger one on the left of the picture) seriously keeps liquids cold for HOURS - like 12 hours. It is amazing. My sons have actually been begging me to let them keep it because they think it looks so cool and they love the strap to carry it around :). You can read the review I did of the Thermos FUNtainer for my kids too.

( and of course I have them labeled with my super cool Mabel's Labels so I don't lose them on my trip).

I just wish I was allowed to carry one of them on the plane with me tomorrow!! Crazy rules :)

Thanks for helping to keep my hydrated !


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