Thanks to my fabulous Blissdom Canada Sponsor : WhiteCloud Marketing!

I want to give a huge shout-out to my Blissdom Canada sponsor - WhiteCloud Marketing

WhiteCloud Marketing uses world class tools such as Dukky and WhiteFire to support SEO and Social Marketing. I work for them as my "day" job and I love it! My wonderful boss and dear friend - Shash from Shasher's Life - and I are going to networking it up this week together... not to mention meeting for the first time in real life! We've been online friends for years but this will be our first in-person chance to hang out :).

WhiteCloud Marketing is a Social Media Marketing company with a focus on driving measurable results with Social and Search Marketing.

WhiteFire enables companies to:

1. Social Campaign Management System
2. Provide a Significant Viral Lift (50% +) on Direct Mail, eMail, Pay per Click or Print Campaigns
3. Highlight Key Influencers and Sharing Down to the 4th Generation
4. Determine and Optimize Best Social Sharing Site/Channel for your Brand and Offer
5. Integrated Coupon Management, Redemption, Integration with Select POS Systems
6. Analyze Top Traffic Drivers for your Site

Thanks so much WhiteCloud for sending me to Blissdom Canada!!


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