Shutterfly Christmas Cards

I've been getting a lot of emails from PR reps about Christmas stuff lately and now that we have had two nights in a row where the temperature has gone below freezing I've started to think about my most favourite holiday of the year- Christmas!

I love Christmas. I have always loved Christmas. I'm sure at first it was because it was the only day all year I got lots of presents all at once ( my birthday is Christmas day) but now that I am a mom I adore watching my kiddos enjoy Christmas. I love what Christmas stands for, I love the Christmas cheer, the Christmas decorations, the Christmas baking, the Christmas smells, the Christmas presents... I love it all.

Every year we attempt to send out Christmas cards to all of our far-away family and friends (we have a lot of them) and a couple of years ago I discovered the joy that is Christmas photo cards! Not only do they allow us to send pictures to everyone (and really, who doesn't want pictures of my amazingly adorable children?) they are also way easier to do. The only difficult part for us is getting a family picture with all of us in it looking good enough to go on the front of our holiday cards.

I was checking out Shutterfly and I found a whole bunch of cards where you can put several smaller pictures instead of one large family picture... problem solved! I think these are my three favourites ...

1.  I love this one because it is like a collage of happy! The only thing I don't like is that it says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

2.  I love the front of this one and the message but it is a card so I would end up having to write in every single card and I just think that is just too much work!

3. This one might just be perfect though! I could put lots of pictures around the edges and the message is great.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from on Shutterfly though that it is really really hard to choose a favourite! I haven't ordered from Shutterfly before but I am really looking forward to doing so this year :) .


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