Saying Good-bye to Blissdom

I just spent the past 3 nights in Toronto at the Blissdom Canada Social Media Conference. It was so much fun! We barely had time to eat or sleep but I am so glad I went. I finally got to meet my wonderful friend Shash from Shasher's Life and we had a delightful time being roommates. She is fabulous and I adore her.  I will miss her so much now that we have to go back to being Skype friends!!! :( If you missed the video of us meeting for the first time you can find it here and Shash wrote a sweet post about our friendship on her blog.

Shash did this video as we were leaving our hotel this morning... it is hard to hear because of the very noisy strikers banging and whistling and yelling and what-not... but you can get the general idea.

bye Shash- I love you too!!


mmichele said…
I am so glad you had such a great time, and a great time together!

Hope the house is clean and neat when you get back!

(Hope you are reading this comment, Doug and kids!)
Nolie said…
We love her because she is who she is. Was nice to meet you. Hope to see you at the next one. I don't know about you but I definitely will not miss the noise of the strike.
Unknown said…
Aw, thanks Nolie :) no I won't miss that crazy wake up call of drums, whistles and crazy loud people on megaphones at 7am!

It's going to take a while to blog through all that we've experienced! Maybe we should all go to a remote Island to do so.... :) lol

Glad you got home safe and sound but not so glad to realize that I have the only option to talk to you in a box :'(

Luvs ya!!
My Wee View said…
awwww,, that was so sweet!!! Seriously, how can anyone not love you guys ?!?

So happy we met.

Take care,

Patricia Ward said…
I loved the video of you saying goodbye but got no sound! Is this just on my computer or is the sound actually missing?
Unknown said…
It was really really noisy outside, the picket people were banging drums and blowing whistles, it was hard to talk loud enough to cover that.
Sara said…
I'm also glad I got to meet Shash at Shes Connected and then again at Blissdom. Blissdom was a great opportunity for so many of us to meet far-away friends.

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