Owen's Oreo Day

Yesterday I got to volunteer at the school for Owen's "Oreo Cookie Day". It was so much fun! The kids did a whole bunch of activities with oreos- stacking them, decorating them, weighing them, painting them, playing tick tac toe with them ... and I got to run the "oreo rolling" station :).

My husband took all of these pictures  because I was busy watching kids roll oreo cookies along a tape line on the gym floor and then helping them measure the distance with meter sticks. Seriously, that is what I did for about 3 hours!

Apparently there were a whole bunch of schools participating in the "oreo challenge" and the kids were super excited. It was great fun watching them destroy many many MANY oreo cookies in the process.

At one station the kids got to make oreo cookie turkeys because it is Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada. They used candy corn for the tails and stuff and then got to eat them at the end of the day. That was pretty much the only cookies they got to eat- the rest they just played with.

Owen was so happy to have Doug and I there. He very rarely has the two of us to himself without his brother and sister around!

Olivia did get to come at the very end and roll a few oreo's though :)

I really love getting to volunteer at the school! But wow, was I ever sore and tired last night!

You teachers out there are amazing!!


Tanya said…
That's adorable and so fun!! I love the Oreo turkeys...great idea..might use it this weekend.
Patricia Ward said…
I love these pictures of Owen - he is so cute, and obviously having a blast showing off for you and Doug! I too love the Oreo turkeys!
lfhpueblo said…
Wow, when I read the title, I thought, Oreo's + Kids= Hyperactivity, but then I read on.
It's good they only got to eat the one snack at the end.
Looks like he had a blast learning.
Great for both you and your husband to be involved so he felt really special.

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