Olivia vs. the weather

This is what Olivia wanted to wear to Picture Day today at school (barefeet and all):

This is what she ended up wearing:


Because it was 3 degrees below zero this morning and the puddles were are frozen over. Winter has arrived apparently. Olivia was not impressed.

But don't worry, her favourite sparkly pink dress still had a twirly skirt.

And it was still fun to jump and twirl in. Even with the white long sleeved shirt and pink tights underneath.

At least we didn't have to cover up the pink sparklies.

I love my girlie girl! Can't wait to see how her pictures turn out :).


LadyBug-Kellie said…
Oh, I love her curls! So nice you compromised so she could still wear her pretty dress :)
Tanya said…
Just. Can't. Handle. The. CUTENESS.

Seriously...she should be in commercials!

We just got the proofs today from Reis' first picture day...so adorable.
Tanya said…
She IS such a cutie! Bless her heart, the weather just isn't cooperating with her plans.
Patricia Ward said…
Oh her new dress looks adorable with the white shirt & pink tights. She takes the prize for beautiful! Can't wait for the pictures!

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