Olivia 2 in 1 Playset * review *

Thanks to Team Mom we were sent some super cool Olivia (the pig) toys and Olivia (my daughter) adores them! And not just because they share a name :).

(taken from ToysRUs online)

With the Olivia Basic Plush Doll - Everyday Outfit, you can play with Olivia dressed in some of her favorite outfits from the show. High quality 18 inch plush, intricate details and bendable ears make Olivia the perfect everyday carry-along friend.

Olivia,  a playful and imaginative TV series, features a 6-year-old pig who will surely serve as a great role model for your child by encouraging their imagination and creativity!  Your little one can join Olivia as she sets off on adventurous journeys both in reality and fantasy.  Olivia also relates to the "everyday little girl" living at home with her family including her mother, father, younger brother Ian, and baby brother William. This quirky pig is willing to try anything, but at the same time is faced with the boundaries of what she "can" do and what she "wants" to do.  All in all,  Olivia's confidence and optimism are sure to aspire any child!

My Olivia has actually loved Olivia the pig for ages so she was thrilled when these toys arrived in the mail. She sleeps with the plush toy every night and has even brought it to school with her once! But the 2-in-1 playset is, by far, one of the coolest toys we have right now.

(taken from ToysRUs online)

The Olivia 2 in 1 Real World Playset Dollhouse magically transforms from Olivia's house to her pirate ship! Open the set and play with Olivia in her house - it's just like her real house on the show! 3 different play areas include her bedroom, kitchen and living room. When you're ready to go on a pirate adventure, simply close the set and by opening it from the opposite side, you can magically transform her house into her pirate ship!

The Olivia 2-in-1 Real World Playset Dollhouse includes:
  • Olivia figure
  • Dollhouse that transforms into a pirate ship
  • And more than 23 accessories and stickers!

The fact that it transforms from a house to a pirate ship is beyond cool. My Olivia loves carrying the house around and playing with all the little accessories that came with it.

I will say that we had no idea where exactly the stickers were supposed to go but my Olivia had fun putting them in various places. She has taken the doll house to church, to friends houses and even to play group. She really loves it.

My husband and both of my sons think it is really cool the way the house can transform. My sons both had to transform it several times just to see if they could figure out exactly how it works. It is easy to transform and my Olivia has no trouble doing it.

We have all been pleased with both the Olivia plush toy and the Olivia 2-in-1 playset!

Thanks so much to Team Mom and SpinMaster toys for sending me these toys to review.


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