Leapster Explorer * review *

We were sent a Leapster Explorer to try out with the kids. It has been used by all three of my kids but Aiden (age 8) is a little old for it. Owen (age 7) loved it at first but got bored quickly. Olivia (age 3- almost 4) loves it.

Product Features

Introducing Leapster Explorer™, an extraordinary new learning experience that encourages children to discover something new every day with endless ways to play and learn--from games, e-Books, videos, and online play to customizable learning skills and more.

-40+ games and activities*--downloadable learning apps, a camera/video recorder** and more.
-Children can learn school skills plus creativity, life skills and more.
-Expand the fun and learning in LeapWorld™--a safe, online world of learning games and activities.
-Parents can follow their child's play and learning progress on the LeapFrog® Learning Path.
-Appropriate for children ages 4 to 9 years.

There are several things we love about the Leapster Explorer

- it is the perfect size for little hands
- it is easy for kids to use
- the graphics are amazing with clear images, bright colours and kid friendly pictures
- it is educational
- Olivia loves it

There are also a few things we DON'T love about the Leapster Explorer

- the games are expensive ( we didn't find any for less than $30 at our local stores) and it only comes with one downloadable game
- my son Owen finished the downloadable game in one day
- on our Leapster Explorer the volume down button doesn't work very well... unfortunately the volume up button works just fine.

We will likely buy our daughter a Leapster Explorer game for her birthday or Christmas but we've had trouble justifying that much money for a game that she may or may not be able to play and the downloadable games didn't really impress us.

Overall I think this is a great system. I really wish the games weren't so expensive though. We can get Nintendo DS games for much cheaper which is certainly what my sons prefer. The Leapster Explorer is geared to kids aged 4-9 but that certainly isn't our experience. Perhaps if we invested in games that would change. 

Thanks so much to Leapfrog for sending me this product to review.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tara!
I discoverd your blog a couple months ago and really enjoy it. This is my first time commenting. I read your review about the Leapster game system and your comment re the cost of games. Have you considered buying used games? Are you familiar with Kijiji? It is a buy and sell internet site-usually used items. I was browsing the site for children's items and baby bassinet. But I do remember somebody selling used Leapster games for $10 each. That was listed in the Ottawa area, but check out out your own area on Kijiji. I know you are in a small town, but it is worth looking. Anyway, just a thought.Check out game stores to see if they have used ones too. I also occasionally browse the "Used Ottawa" site. You could check for a similar site that is more local. ( I mean that the people buying/selling are in close proximity). Sorry,this is so long... Take care,Tara!
By the way...I am certainly NOT a video game expert, so just wanted to mention, I dont know there are differnet Leapster systems? You mentioned reciecing a Leapster "Explorer". I would make sure games are interchangeable.
Again, sorry this is so long! Love your blog
Amanda Daybyday said…
So, since we're thinking about doing the DSi thing for the boys for Christmas... what would you think we should do for Finn? A DS or one of these things? You know how our girls think... which would be better?
Patricia Ward said…
I had a chance to try Olivia's Leapster today - very cool. All your kids are really techy - just seems to come naturally these days! Seems like they just know what to do with virtually no instruction - blows my mind!
I'd like to get one of these for my daughter, I think she would like it but I know my boys wouldn't. I think kids who are already used to playing on a PSP, DS or anything else probably would not like this one.

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