Keeping in Touch With Far-Away Family * Guest Post *

This is a guest post written by  my friend SweetMummy from It's OK to be WEIRD!

As the world seems to get smaller with technology and ease of travel, many people have moved long distances away from their childhood homes and families. In spite of this distance, many families try to keep in touch and maintain good communication. The methods of staying connected are as varied as the people who use them.

Think PRESS to Keep in Touch

Family news is worth some attention and effort to share. Keeping in touch can be as easy as pressing a few digits on a phone, or keys on a keyboard. An easy way to remember some ideas about staying in touch with your family, far away, is to think of the word PRESS.

P - Photo Website or Blog

Many families set up photo blogs or other photo website accounts to share their lives in pictures, even across the miles. These 'virtual photo albums' make it possible for showing off the latest details of life. Some sites even allow multiple contributors to such albums, so many family members can upload their photos and collectively share their adventures.

R - Regularly Scheduled Phone Calls

As busy as life for families can be, if something doesn't get put on the calendar, it's not likely to happen. That's why making regularly scheduled phone calls is important if you want to stay close to your far-away family. With cell phones, keeping that scheduled time is even easier. If you are able to find a plan with free long distance minutes and with technology like voice dialing, then there's really no excuse not to call grandma even if you're at a soccer game or grocery shopping at the appointed time for the call!

E - E-mail

According to Internet World Stats, over 77% of people in North America use the internet, and the most popular use of the internet is still e-mail. Gone are the days of mail taking weeks to get from point A to point B. E-mail is a much faster way to communicate, and it's relatively easy. It takes very little time to write a few sentences to encourage your granddaughter on her upcoming science fair project and send it off to her via e-mail. She'll have the mail almost instantaneously, as well. E-mail is a great way for every day communication with far-away family, too. There is no difficulty in writing a quick e-mail to say how things are going with you and see what's happening with your family.

S - Skype or Webcams

Still photos are great, but live action video is even better! There's nothing quite like seeing that newborn nephew squiggling in real time on your computer screen. Skype, a free program that allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet, makes it possible to have 'face to face' conversations with your family. It's fun and almost as good as 'being there'!

S - Social Media

Sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter (commonly called Social Media networks) have made sharing every day life with your family extremely easy. Status updates, short sentences about what's on your mind or what's currently happening, let those far away from you know what's going on, sometimes up-to-the-minute. You can also post pictures and video to your Facebook profile and Twitter feed. These places also allow you to keep in touch with many people at once, posting your information to all of them at the same time, making the task of keeping in touch a little more streamlined.

PRESS those keys!

These are only a few ideas of ways to keep in touch with your long-distance family. With so many handy methods of staying in communication, being separated by distance doesn't have to mean being disconnected as well. Family is always worth taking the time to connect with, and it is easier to do that now than ever before. PRESS those keys and stay in touch!

Thanks so much for guest posting on my blog SweetMummy! 


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