Just watching the clouds go by...

I took this picture of Olivia at our church "Hay Day" on Saturday :). 

We are celebrating Thanksgiving here in Canada today and I am looking forward to yummy turkey dinner- my favourite! The turkey is in the oven (thanks to my fabulous chef of a husband), the side dishes are being prepared (thanks to my fabulous mom) and the house is relatively clean (thanks to me). Now to just enjoy the day and be thankful to God for all the blessings I have in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


LindsayDianne said…
We just had leftover turkey for breakfast.
I love thanksgiving!
Patricia Ward said…
I loved our Thanksgiving yesterday! The food was fabulous and I loved that we were all relaxed and having fun together. I am so thankful for my most fantastic family!
Happy Thanksgiving Tara, I am really sorry I missed it. This photo of Olivia is priceless.

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