Hillbilly Hay Day - ish.

Today our family went to a "Hillbilly Hay Day"... it was one of those fun theme picnic kind of things sponsored by our church. We were all supposed to dress up like hillbillies and spend the afternoon having pie-eating contests, strong-man competitions, line dancing and stuff.

We tried to tell our kids that the appropriate costume to wear to a day such as this would have been a cowboy-type costume.

They disagreed.

So today my children attended our church Hillbilly Hay Day as...

Princess Belle

a Ninja

and Harry Potter

I just told them to tell people they were hillbillies dressed up for Halloween if anyone asked :).


Jaedyn said…
That Harry Potter costume is AWESOME! :) If I were still a kid I would so want to dress up as Hermione.
Patricia Ward said…
Love the costumes - Owen makes an excellent Harry Potter. Looks like the kids had a blast.
Awesome. You got to love it! I think you are very clever for the hillbillies dressed for Halloween idea :-)
Anonymous said…
I love it! Those made me chuckle!
Unknown said…
Hee hee.

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