Disney Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition * Review *


We absolutely, positively ADORE Beauty and the Beast! I have loved introducing my daughter to this classic Disney movie and she has completely fallen in love with it just like her mama did many years ago. Olivia loves it so much that she is even going to be Princess Belle for Halloween this year.

My sons also love the movie. Owen finds the fact that the clock and candlesticks and stuff talk particularly funny. The first time he watched it he said "why is everyone singing?"- he thought that was pretty funny too. Aiden laughed out loud at several different points which is always fun to hear.

Beauty and the Beast is just an all-around wonderful film. There is nothing objectionable or offensive and it appeals to all ages. Even Grandma loves this movie. Perfect.

I haven't seen this movie in years but the minute it started playing I was singing along with it- I had no idea I remembered the songs so well :). I did enjoy the addition of the song "Human Again". The bonus features were interesting too. My kids liked the Disney Sing Along mode. I really enjoyed watching "Composing A Classic" and "The Untold Stories".
Thanks so much to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for sending me a review copy of this Blu-Ray/DVD Combo.


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