Blissdom Canada Day 1

I am at Blissdom Canada!!

I am exhausted from a full day of travelling and exploring and partying and going to the spa and meeting people in real life that I've only known online... but it sure has been fun :) .

I took this picture of Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom, Tammi from My Organized Chaos and Shash from Shasher's Life.

Here is me meeting Shash for the first time even though we've been online friends for years...


Fun, Fun, FUN.
And that is all. Can't wait for today's adventures. Man, you are fast with the posting Tara! I'm still savoring my coffee over the whistles!
*sigh* all worth it though!
So GREAT to meet you IRL {hugs}

Amber said…
Looks like a great first day :) Nothing like FINALLY getting to meet someone! Hope you get time to make more posts!
Patricia Ward said…
I'm so happy you get to meet your online friends! Love you.

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