And Off I Go Into the Great Wide Unknown!

This is Olivia up on top of Daddy's feet "flying". She is so darn cute. I tried to capture the look- a mix of excitement, joy and fear all rolled into one. So excited to be up in the air but also a little afraid of falling.

That is kind of how I feel about my trip to Blissdom Canada this week- SO excited to be going but a little afraid at the same time. I am not a very good by-myself-traveller anymore. I think I used to be ok at it but have gotten out of practice and haven't been away by myself in over 3 years. I've never left Olivia over night and the boys don't remember the last time I was away without them.

Everything will be fine- I KNOW it will be. I am married to the best man in the world and he is a wonderful daddy who is MORE than capable of taking care of the kids on his own. He takes everything in stride significantly better than I do most of the time! Gotta love that easy-going personality of his :). I know my kids are in good hands and I know I will have fun.

I just wish I wasn't so prone to anxiety!

Anyway, if you don't hear from me over the next few days don't be offended- my schedule is beyond full during Blissdom! I'll be back on Saturday but will try and post while I am there too :).

Have a great week everyone!


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