The Prayer of Women Everywhere

Those of you who are on facebook with me know that yesterday I overheard Olivia praying... she was in the kitchen and I was in the dining room so she didn't know I was there. This was her prayer:

"Thank-you Jesus, make my underwear stay out of my bum. In Jesus name Amen"
I think women everywhere can agree with that prayer :).

I love it. I think she is hilariously adorable. 

Today she came up to me and said 

"um, Mommy? *pause*
I maybe dumpeded the bandaids in the potty. And I fwusheded (flushed) it. Maybe. *pause*
But it wasn't me. *pause*
Except it was.
Sowee (sorry)" 

And then I noticed that she had two small round bandaids on her forehead. I asked why and she said 

"because I hurted myself you siwwy (silly) gooses ."

 (yes, Olivia DID choose to wear a velvet green Christmas dress today to play in...  she's a fashion genius people )

I bet her teacher is going to have fun with her when she starts junior kindergarten on Tuesday. 

It's ok though. 

I'll just say to the teacher 

"I maybe taught Olivia to be sassy. Unintentionally. But it wasn't me. Except it was. Sorry."


Linda Kish said…
Your daughter is wonderful. I get some of my best laughs from what she does.
Unknown said…
Does she have her first day of school outfit picked out yet? Cuz I bet it's going to be gorgeous! If nothing else, Tara, we're raising girls who will not be walked all over. That's good, right????

Love that girl!
Daer0n said…
Lmao! Your daughter is so cute and hilarious! That prayer made me laugh out loud, so funny (and so true). And the band aid 'incident' hilarious too!
Patricia Ward said…
Oh my goodness, she is the cutest ever. Love her simple honesty. Good for you that she's not afraid to tell you the truth. You're such a good Mommy! I'm proud......:)
Tanya said…
It's cool that you got to have her last so you can drink in all of these moments. She's a doll! :)
Colleen said…
Oh I love this post - I've read it several times today already and it just makes me laugh... both what Olivia said and what you're going to say to her teacher. So funny! :) :) :)

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