Olivia's First Day of Junior Kindergarten

So today was my baby's very first day of school. She was sort of excited but mostly just concerned that I wouldn't be going to school with her. She was scared that she would be left all alone.

I let her choose her own outfit- of course. She went with a "pink" theme. She wanted to wear her pink fluffy coat but it was crazy cold out this morning so she had to change into her blue winter coat.

She brought "bunny" with her to keep her company but she still seemed a little lost on the playground.

They start the kids out slowly in junior kindergarten so she will only have 7 or so kids in her class today but on Thursday the full class will be there.

She seemed less scared of her teacher today than she was at the orientation so that is a good thing!

She did NOT want us to go.

This is how we left her... we kind of snuck out but I am betting she wasn't too pleased once she realized we were gone.

Now here I sit in a completely kid-less house... it is bizarre!

My baby is growing up.


Tanya said…
She is so adorable.

Can't wait to hear how it went.
Becky Mayerle said…
Yes she is growing up and so are you growing too. Proud of you all...not easy leaving our babies...but so necessary for them to become who they are supposed to be. I remember when you thought everyone in school would never happen. :) She is cute and so is Aiden hugging her. love ya
Unknown said…
it was a strange feeling last year when all of a sudden, after 10 years, I was alone in the house. I think I sat in my housecoat and watched all the TV shows I'd missed out on over the years. I was glad that TreeHouse was no longer on all day!! :)

Way to go Olivia!!
Linnie said…
Oh goodness, I was wondering how her day had gone!

That picture of her with Bunny on the playground almost broke my heart!

Such a fabulous picture.

Patricia Ward said…
Aw she is so adorable, and last nite she was really proud of herself and looking forward to school today (Thurs.). I, like you, can not believe all three are in school! It seems like just yesterday they were all little babies!!! Proud of Aiden for his support of Olivia. Well done, Tara & Doug!

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