Junior Kindergarten here we come!

Olivia will be starting Junior Kindergarten in a couple weeks and tomorrow we have the "meet the teacher" meeting. We had to do a little homework in preparation for the meeting. They gave us a little booklet of activities to do with Olivia to give the teacher some idea of her skill level at this point. Things like tracing a straight line and colouring and using scissors. One of the activities was trying to help her recognize her own name in writing. This is not a skill Olivia has at this point but I wrote her name on some paper to show her and then she totally copied her name! I realize this is not anything brilliant but I still think it is pretty cool :).


Linnie said…
I love that picture!

You can see the excitement and trepidation in her face, all at the same time!

Good luck to you all!

Unknown said…
that is VERY cool!!!
Linda said…
She's too little to be sent off to junior kindergarten!!! She'll miss her mommy.
Unknown said…
Oh how cute! Love her picture... I can't wait to see how the first day goes. I'm totally stoked that she copied her name. That's a great skill as it shows very good motor skills. Cool!
Patricia Ward said…
Wow, she did really well at copying her name. She looks so cute and a little nervous. She will likely learn everything really fast - up untl now there's been no need to do all that kindergarten stuff! I am so proud of you, Olivia!

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