Fantabulous Comment!

I wrote a post yesterday about the antics of my daughter Olivia and I got the best comment and I want to share it with you all. It made me laugh out loud and I totally needed that!

(If you haven't read the post from yesterday Disaster: Thy Name is Olivia you might want to do that before you read the comment because it will make a lot more sense that way.)

Here is the comment from  lfhpueblo 
who blogs at After All We're A Family ...

Mini Poem: Olivia At Three
Olivia the Terrible Two's
have nothing on you.
What is a poor Mommy suppose to do?
Crayons and marker drawings everywhere they are not suppose to be.
Must my little artist's expressions be so giftedly free?
Olivia the carpet isn't hungry
and it doesn't eat raspberries,
and doesn't need a drink of pee.
Marker's don't get sleepy and need to be in your bed,
especially with the caps off of their heads.
Oh these terrible three's this Mommy does dread,
but through the dessert even the Israelites were lead.
So continue to give me strength Lord I ask,
because being Olivia's Mommy is my task.
I really do love her my precious girl with blonde curls,
but all these Olivia antics have my head and clean-up body in constant whirls.
Lord give me strength today
to know Olivia will grow out these disasters some way.

 (I took this picture of Olivia at church tonight)

Thanks so much for the awesome comment Lauralee! I am most impressed :)


Margaret said…
Karla S said… cute!
Patricia Ward said…
Love it!
Unknown said…
She sounds like my Olivia - who is now 9 1/2 years - and still a bouncing bubble of energy bursting with excessive self expression! lol :)
Strength and Grace to you Mama.
lfhpueblo said…
You are very welcome.
They just pop into my head sometimes when people comments on their kids remind me of some of the things I've been through either babysitting my sister's children, or raising up my step-son.
I love Olivia's pictures by the way. She truly is a beauty.

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