Disaster: Thy Name is Olivia

This is my beautiful daughter Olivia.

She looks so sweet and innocent doesn't she?

But don't let her looks fool you. She is a walking disaster dressed in pink.

This is a partial list of the things she has done in the past two days:

1. drew with red crayon on the wall of the boys' bedroom

2. drew with blue crayon on the chairs

3. drew with red marker on my couch, loveseat and chair

4. tore the pages out of two books- one was her little princess bible which she had taken outside to show her friends and then tore pages out and threw them on the ground for some unknown reason, and the other was my pink pocket bible that I have had since I was 13. That bible managed to survive all of my highschool years, a trip half way around the world to Nepal, 6 years of post secondary education and 11 years of marriage. But one afternoon with my 3 year old and it is toast. Apparently she has it out for bibles this week.

5. peed on the carpet

6. squashed juicy red raspberries into my carpet

7. drew with permanent marker in about 15 of my books

8. tossed the picnic lunch I made for her and the boys all over our yard for the birds to eat

9. slept with a bright pink marker... with the cap off... putting bright pink marker blotches all over her jammies, sheets, comforter and pillow.

10. removed all the folded clothing from her drawers and put them back unfolded in random drawers just for fun

I think I'll stop there because the list is depressing me. It's a good thing she is so darn cute and constantly says things like "I wuv you mommy" and "you're the bestest mommy in the whole world".

Ironically she wasn't angry or doing a tantrum during any of these events. She was "just playing". And of course she apologized frequently. "I sowwy mommy. I so so sowwy".  Hard to resist that kind of apology.


I will not miss the 3-year old ability to create disasters wherever they go.

Someone tell me why I bother cleaning this house again?


Tanya said…
hugs. this too shall pass ... :)
Unknown said…
She sounds artistic :D I'd just put the markers up for another week ;)
Patricia Ward said…
Very creative child! So now you have your work cut out for you doing cleanup after the Olivia crew! She certainly makes scolding hard, eh?
Amanda said…
It must be a girl thing with the coloring on things. My little 3 year old has colored in books, on the wall,on toys, on the shed siding... constant conversation in our house. where are you allowed to color? in a coloring book or on a coloring paper!
Linda said…
Is this her way of saying she doesn't want to go to preschool? This is too much acting out to just be a "three" thing. Just a thought.
Unknown said…
She rocks!!! :) my most creative child was just like her - channeled in the right direction... they turn out pretty good. :)
I am told that we will miss this someday! I am yet to believe that!!
Jessica said…
You are not alone! My girls are a walking tornado!! My oldest daughter has cave drawings all over the house! And I gave up on having nice things for myself around the house, they just end up broken.

I just wanted to let you know you are not alone!
lfhpueblo said…
Mini Poem: Olivia At Three
Olivia the Terrible Two's
have nothing on you.
What is a poor Mommy suppose to do?
Crayons and marker drawings everywhere they are not suppose to be.
Must my little artist's expressions be so giftedly free?
Olivia the carpet isn't hungry
and it doesn't eat raspberries,
and doesn't need a drink of pee.
Marker's don't get sleepy and need to be in your bed,
especially with the caps off of their heads.
Oh these terrible three's this Mommy does dread,
but through the dessert even the Israelites were lead.
So continue to give me strength Lord I ask,
because being Olivia's Mommy is my task.
I really do love her my precious girl with blonde curls,
but all these Oliva antics have my head and clean-up body in constant whirls.
Lord give me strength today
to know Olivia will grow out these disasters some way.
Linnie said…
Haha, number ten is my favourite but only because my 29 year old husband does the same.

It annoys me to no end.

Linnie said…
Haha, number ten is my favourite but only because my 29 year old husband does the same.

It annoys me to no end.


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