And the world keeps turning...

My husband took this beautiful picture of he and Olivia on their daddy-daughter date... you can read about it on Doug's blog but I just really wanted to share the picture with you all because I LOVE it.

Today was Olivia's second day at junior kindergarten. She loved her first day (Tuesday) and we ended up playing "school" pretty much constantly yesterday. She was all excited to go back today UNTIL we arrived in the parking lot of the school this morning. Then the tears started. She didn't want me to go. By the time I handed her off to her teacher she was sobbing and grabbing on to me begging to go with me.

Leaving her like that truly sucked.

But when we picked her up she was perfectly happy - as I knew she would be. Although tonight she did tell me she was never going back to school again. Luckily she doesn't have school again until Tuesday... which is especially good considering she is coming down with her first cold of the season. Goody.

Aiden seems to be doing great at school... not so great at home. It takes a lot of effort for him to behave appropriately all day long so by the time school is done he is too. There is a lot of angst that comes out at home. Although I am VERY thankful he is managing to function at school it is a little rough on us.

Doug and I attended the first meeting of a new support group for parents of Autistic kids in our town. It was great. It is always nice to know you are not alone!

And of course he is also getting his first cold of the season. He has started the horrible croupy hacking cough that I hate. Asthma sucks.

Owen is struggling a bit too. He doesn't seem to be doing as well at school this year and that makes me sad. He says he likes his teacher and his class and school but every morning he still asks to stay home. I think there is going to be some testing done with him to see if he has ADHD like his brother (certainly a possibility) or something else that is causing him to have a rough time.

I ran in to his teacher from last year and asked her what she thought and she said she was VERY surprised that he was having any trouble at all. He adored her and she had no problems with him. Go figure. She said she would think about it and get back to me if she came up with any ideas or suggestions. Owen says he misses her but still likes his new teacher. I am sure everything will be fine. But wow... I am just not used to getting phone calls home about Owen.

On the up side I am LOVING having two whole school days per week BY MYSELF at home. Silence is a beautiful thing people. I am truly amazed at how much I can get done in 6 hours of uninterrupted time. Oh alone time, how I've missed you these past EIGHT YEARS. Never leave me again!


so jeles said…
That is definitely a gorgeous picture of your sweethearts :)
Hope all goes well with the kids at school
Bebemiqui said…
alone time is a great thing, though I'm starting to catch glimpses of how lonely it might be when my monkeys are grown.
Glad things are going well :0)
Linnie said…
That is a precious picture!

I hope the kiddies work it out! It is only the second week so maybe things will look up soon. =]

Patricia Ward said…
This is such a sweet picture! Doug & Olivia have a great relationship - she adores him...Glad Aiden is doing so well at school - he's no quitter! Owen will be ok too - but let's face it, it's not easy being little brother to Aiden certainly has its challenges. Enjoy your quietude - it'll soon be Xmas holidays!!!!
Unknown said…
That's definitely a beautiful picture! Love it. I think we've had exactly three no-cry days since Anna started head start four weeks ago. Mind you she was leaving me everyday anyway to go to daycare and hardly EVER cried. I hope everything continues to go well for everyone and that at-home goes smoothly as well.
Unknown said…
I'm trying to figure out what I'd like better. Two FULL days off like you, or the 4 or 5 (depending on the week) almost 3 hour mornings that I get.

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