Urine Off *review*

I have a thing about bodily fluids... they gross me right out.

I have three children. Two sons who seem to have rather poor aim when it comes to peeing IN the toilet and a daughter who is currently potty training... poorly.

I see far too many bodily fluids on a regular basis.

When I was contacted and asked to review Urine Off I figured it certainly couldn't hurt to try!

Here is a bit of information that the sponsor sent me:

Bio-Pro Research’s bio friendly cleaner, Urine Off (featured on Jay Leno), uses enzymes and microorganisms (customized bacteria) to eat the uric acid crystals and removes the mess. Rather than temporarily masking stains, the product removes all traces of odor as well as the accident itself.

When the package arrived I was surprised to find a flashlight inside. But not just any flashlight... the Urine Off Mini LED Urine Finder!

The Urine Off Mini LED Urine Finder is the ideal tool to locate hard-to-find urine deposits. Most urine deposits are invisible to the naked eye until they collect soil making them easy to see. Unless you can find and remediate the urine, the smell will be a continuing problem.
This revolutionary ultraviolet LED light is ultra-bright and was custom engineered to easily fluoresce uric acid. The Urine Finder will save you time, money, and empower your own USI (Urine Scene Investigation) capability!
Works in your bathroom too!

Wow does that Urine Finder ever work well. I clean our bathrooms more than once a week... usually two or three times per week. I did not expect to see much when I used the light.  I was amazed and horrified and disgusted by what I learned using that thing.

For example I learned that there was pee dried on the wall behind our toilet.


I don't know how it got there (seriously, who is peeing on my WALL?) but it's not there anymore. I used Urine Off all over our bathroom and then re-checked with the Urine Finder LED light and was relieved to see that it was actually gone.

It really did make the smell disappear as well.

I went nuts with the Urine Finder and looked all over our house and I found a few spots on the carpet that apparently got left behind after I shampooed it... which distressed me I must admit. But Urine Off did the job.

I am happy to recommend Urine Off to anyone with potty-training kids, pets, or men ( because you know women never pee on walls) in their houses. Get rid of the ick factor!

Thanks so much to Bio-Pro Research for sending me these products to try out free of charge.


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