um... ya... right...

My daughter got a letter in the mail today addressed to her and only her.

My 3 year old daughter.

It was from our local hospital telling her that she needed to get a test done. Which is fine. We knew she would need some tests done for her bladder issues.

The issue is with the instructions.

They want my THREE YEAR OLD daughter to fast for 12 hours prior to her appointment which is at noon, they want her to drink FOUR glasses of water and NOT PEE for a full hour before her appointment. Apparently her bladder MUST be full for the test.

Lets just review WHY my daughter is getting the testing done...


How on earth do they expect me to keep her from peeing for a full hour before her appointment? Never mind that, how do they expect me to get her to drink four full glasses of water and then not pee. The whole reason for the appointment is that the doctor thinks my daughter's bladder is TOO SMALL for her age. What are the odds that she can hold 4 cups of pee? I'm thinking not very likely. And of course she will be starving since she won't be allowed to eat breakfast so she will be crying AND not allowed to pee.

Good luck with that.

I can only assume they had NO idea who they were sending the letter to... neither her dad or I were mentioned at all.  I guess she was supposed to read the letter and follow the instructions all on her own.


Oh, and the appointment is scheduled for noon on September 8 here in our town... unfortunately she has to be at her specialist appointment FOUR AND A HALF HOURS away at 1 pm on that same day.

I am thinking it is just not going to work.

Should be a super fun phone call for me tomorrow.

Double Sigh.


mmichele said…
Deep Breaths.
Dana said…
This sounds like it may be a test I have taken, because I had bladder issues as a child. For the pediatric version, they catheterize you and fill the bladder that way and then x-ray it as it empties. So, there is a back up plan!
Tanya said…
sounds crazy to me, too.

hang in there.
Patricia Ward said…
Outrageous! There must be better instructions for a 3 year old!!! Breathe deep, Darling, and I wish u the best with the phone call. Sweet little Olivia - I feel for her. And you (sigh).
Linnie said…
Goodness! That hardly makes sense!

I had my own run in with doctors last week - I am still waiting for a resolve. Hopefully you find one fast!

Good luck to you and the little one!

Unknown said…
Yeesh. Didn't somebody check the birthdate??? Sounds like a big error by the hospital here. Which doesn't surprise me given the issues you've already had with this. Hope it gets worked out.
Chrisann said…
Crazy!I'm sure they have no idea who they sent it to and how old your Daughter is.I would just call the hospital and explain.It's hard enough for adults.How do they expect a child to do that?

Good luck!
That is ridiculous! Good luck taking care of that on the phone.
lfhpueblo said…
What you need to do is contact the hospital and tell them her age and the circumstance that she can't hold her urine.
Tell them she will need to be catherized for the test and the sterile water instilled via the catheter into her bladder at the hospital right before the test.
Now you will need to have her do the fasting, but not all the fluid intake by mouth.
They should be able to do this at your hospital, they have done this for pediatric patients at the hospital I used to work for.
Granted getting catherized is slightly uncomfortable, but the catheter comes out right after they get the sterile water inside to expand the bladder so they can look for abnormalities.
Too bad she's not older and could be taught the Kegel (I believe that's how it's spelled) exercises to strengthen the urinary sphincter muscle that helps us hold our urine in until we are ready to go and use the restroom.
Hope this helps.
Tanya said…
I hope this all comes together for you...I find it insanely FRUSTRATING when you're trying to coordinate help for your child and everything seems to be working against you....sigh...I really do hope it works out girl...hugs :)

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