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Today was the first day of school and I am so darn proud of my boys!

Owen started grade 2 and Aiden started grade 3 and they both did amazingly well. I knew that Owen would be fine because he knows and likes his teacher -he knew her last year and is friends with her kids. Plus he is just generally pretty easygoing.

But Aiden... first days can be pretty tough.

And last night? Aiden had the worst nights sleep... he was up a good 10 times between the time he went to bed at 8 pm and when he got up far too early at 6 am. He was just a bundle of nervous/ excited energy. It took him hours to fall asleep and when he finally did he woke up every hour and came and told me he couldn't sleep.

By the time this morning rolled around he was exhausted and so were Doug and I. Owen slept like a log. Of course.

Anyway, he was happy to go to school and that made the drop-off this morning go pretty smoothly. We went and found his teacher and his new classroom and he ran in and gave her a huge hug right away. She said "Aiden! I'm so happy you are here! I've been waiting all summer to see you."... it was in that moment that I knew she is the perfect teacher for Aiden this year. She chatted with him and then told him he could go play for awhile before the bell rang. Perfect. He was happy and felt at ease.

When we picked them up after school they both said they had a great day. Aiden's teacher told me that he did just fine and had a good day.

It makes my heart happy to hear that.

The school provides each kid with an agenda book and it is where the teacher can send notes home or where the kids write down homework etc.. Here is what Aiden's said today...

" I had a good day! My friends were good to me. We had music with Mr. Hayan"

The school did an excellent job picking Aiden's teacher and they even put his very favourite people in his class with him. I knew they were going to try to do that because the better kids know Aiden generally the nicer they are to him and the less he freaks out. But seriously, I think they absolutely surrounded him with the kids that are nicest to him. It makes me cry just to think about how much work our wonderful special ed director did last year- watching who he played with, talking to his teacher and finding out who he worked well with, asking me who he talked about... all so she could set him up for success.  He also told me he likes his new aide (although he can't remember her name yet) so that is encouraging too.

I know there will be a lot of stressful days for Aiden but I am so thankful that he had a good start and that he loves his teacher and he loves his class. Beautiful.

Owen is happy too- even though his best friend is in the other grade 2 class. It was actually pretty darn cute- they haven't seen each other all summer and when Owen first arrived on the playground they spotted each other immediately and ran, full speed, to each other and hugged. They were so darn excited to be together. They talked and laughed and had a great time. They had a little discussion about the fact that they weren't in the same class but promised to meet at recess to play.

After school Owen told me that he and his buddy played together at every single break and so it was ok that they weren't in the same class.

I love how adaptable Owen is. It is so refreshing.

And dear sweet Olivia... she so badly wanted to go to school today too but she doesn't start for a couple of weeks yet.

OH and best of all? She is almost 100% potty trained!!!!!! It was a stupid bladder infection causing all the trauma for the past however long!! She still has some accidents and often refuses to poop in the potty BUT she is able to wait longer and longer before needing to pee each time. If she keeps this up we may not even need to see the specialist!

It really makes me wonder how long she had that horrible infection for... poor little muffin.

Today we ventured all the way to the school and back with her in underwear and there was nary an accident.

I am one proud mama today!


Unknown said…

Love, love, love that picture of the 3 of them. So funny. I laughed out loud. I guess I should have said LOL. 'Cept I don't usually make a habit of using those 3 letters all together. I'm so glad to hear Aiden did good. Also glad to hear Olivia's almost done with diapers.


Happy for you, my friend. 1st day for the younger two tomorrow. Nate will do awesome. Finn is still young enough to be forgivable. Should be a good day!
Patricia Ward said…
Oh this all makes me SO happy. Congtulations to Aiden & Owen! Congats also to Mom & Dad and the caring staff at School. The boys look so handsome with their new haircuts, (even though I of course am partial to loner cuts!!!). A short cut certainly shows off their most beautiful faces - and those Owen eyes...WONDERFUL! Also SO proud of Olivia an so happy answers to her problems have been found.
Unknown said…
I love their haircuts!!! YAY Olivia on your successful day!!
Linnie said…
Oh, I am SO happy the boys had a good first day! First days are always a little stressful!

It must be comforting to know that there are people out there holding Aiden's back.

I love, love, LOVE their massive sagging lunch pails! It looks like you made sure they were fully prepared with sustenance for a tough day.

Your family is so freakin cute!

Sounds like an amazing teacher for Aiden! That is excellent!!
Unknown said…
I'm so glad to hear they had a good day. Lovely to hear about the teachers. Congratulations on the potty training and how terrible for her about the infection. I'm glad it's all getting cleared up.

Happy school year! :-)
Kim said…
How much do I love Owen's shoes? THIS much!

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