PostSecret and Autism

 I was reading PostSecret and I read this postcard and the two email responses after it...

I wonder if straight people know how lucky they are to be straight.

I wonder if any white/non-white/straight/non-straight people know how lucky they are to not be autistic.

It made me cry because it is just so true. My son is autistic and struggles every single day to have friends, to understand social cues, to try and not be angry and sad all the time. There is no group of like-minded individuals for him to be a part of in our town. He is alone in his struggle. He has us... but not even we can fully understand how his mind works no matter how much we wish we could.

I'm not saying other groups of people don't have struggles... we all know that they do and they shouldn't be minimized. However I AM saying be thankful for the good. Be thankful that you are not alone. Be thankful that there ARE people who understand you. Be thankful that you aren't an 8 year old boy who has to spend all day, every day, trying to figure out and live in a world that is so not set up for him.

* if you aren't familiar with PostSecret you should go check it out... but so you know not all the secrets are "family friendly" so you may want to avoid it if you are easily offended*


Very true and very sad.
You are blessed to have him in your life..and he is blessed to have you all as his family...hugs
Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog! I too have a son with autism (low functioning) Love your blogs about him!
Patricia Ward said…
I love Aiden's brave spirit - he doesn't give up, and is becoming more thoughtful as he studies his effect on people. But I hurt with him over the hard knocks he takes in the process. He's a wonderful, sweet kid and we as a family are blessed to be allowed to be part of his life. I sincerely pray for wisdom on this journey, for me as his Grandma, but especially for you and Doug as his parents.
Augmented Gem said…
The struggle makes you stronger :)

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