Oh to swim in the ocean once again...

This week has been rather... um... rough for the kids. Transitioning back into life at home has not gone smoothly. There has been an insane amount of fighting and crying and whining and angst amongst my little brood. I would like that to end now please.

We have Aiden and Owen signed up for swimming lessons this month- the two of them in a class alone so that hopefully Aiden has a fighting chance of passing the level he has been trying to pass all year.

My boys LOVE swimming... but the pool isn't exactly an ideal learning location for a sensory-sensitive kid like Aiden. Everything is loud and echo-y, the water is too cold so he has to keep moving to stay warm, there is a lot to look at with other people swimming about, and the teacher is different each week so he has no personal connection whatsoever with her/him which makes him less likely to listen to them.

I'm not sure why our pool does that- why do they switch teachers around each week??? How does that help ANYONE? I don't get it.

And really, it's not like the 18 year old swim instructors have a whole lot of experience with Autistic kids. We've offered to give them information. We've also offered to have one of us in the pool to help calm Aiden down.

But no. They have thus far refused our help.

And so Aiden has stayed at the same level the whole year and Owen has caught up to him. It is starting to really frustrate him so we decided to do semi-private lessons just to (hopefully) get them both into the next level and then we can start the whole process over again.

Did you know that semi-private lessons are expensive? It's true. $160 true. Ouch.

Anyway, other than swimming we don't have a whole lot planned organized-activity-wise. Day camps don't work for Aiden, plus we really can't afford them anyway. And no, VBS's aren't great for us either. I just can't send Aiden to things where people are not VERY familiar with Autism. It isn't fair to Aiden and it isn't fair to the teacher or group leader either.

Luckily there are a ton of kids in our neighbourhood ... and as long as the rain stays away and the kids  stop antagonizing each other for more than 5 minutes at a time we just may survive until school starts at the end of the month.

School starts 4 weeks from tomorrow. 

I have a friend in a big city and her kids attend school year-round. That is looking pretty darn attractive to me right now. :)

 * all of these pictures were taken at the beautiful beach in White Rock, BC, Canada on our vacation in July. 

I was born in White Rock and Doug and I were married in White Rock and I think it is one of my most favourite places on earth. Love it.*


Unknown said…
Oh! 4 weeks! I don't suppose I should be quite so excited seeing as I just got home yesterday. But you see, I already have all the school supplies bought and clothes ready. Nope, not excited...

Hope the boys do well in swimming lessons. I understand the VBS not working thing. And day camps not working thing too. As you know.
Anonymous said…
I have no idea why your pool won't allow for your son to keep the same instructor. The pool i've been working at for years does its very best to honor instructor requests, letting kids keep the same teacher. And its pretty much guaranteed if your doing a semi private or private class or if your child has special needs. I think continuity, especially within the same level, is totally necessary for all kids!
Dana said…
I wish you lived close enough to send your kids to our VBS! I think Aiden would fit right in with the other SN kids there . . .

Have fun adjusting back!
HUGS!!! I am feeling your pain girl. While we are able to put Jackson into activities, it is always a BUMPY ride. And this past weekend, well it was a nightmare.
Patricia Ward said…
About the kids in school all year round, when do the poor kids get a break? I would have been SO sad to miss my summers with you, Tara, as you were growing up. I feel sad for all the parents who feel they have to choose between their kids and work. Bummer!
Patricia Ward said…
Did u notice any improvement when Aiden swam in the ocean? Seems like he'd find the salt water easier to swim in. I asked him, but he didn't seem to know! (Don't try to take him out of the present time!) You and Doug are fortunately good swimmers so can take up where the teachers leave off. Lucky Aiden.

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