Today has been one of THOSE days. You know, the kind that make you think it might have been better to just stay in bed.

It was stupid hot out with a ridiculous amount of humidity that makes me long for winter. And I hate winter.

I was helping the boys with their bath and Aiden accidentally head butted me and gave me a huge goose egg on my forehead. It made me cry. And yell. Apparently I get angry when I am in pain.

Good to know.

I also had to clean a ridiculous amount of bodily fluids up. 

Remember awhile ago when I told you all about my daughter and her potty training issues. No? huh. Apparently you all have lives. Odd. Well I talked about it HERE.

Anyway, the short story is that I took her to the doctor 3 different times, the last time being a couple weeks ago to see if there was something wrong and they tested for bladder infections etc.  and they said there was no infection and decided to send us to a specialist.

Which would have been all fine and dandy except that  I got a call the other day from the clinic nurse and she says "did anyone give you a prescription for Olivia's bladder infection yet?"

um... no, no they didn't.

I am so annoyed that it took them 2 weeks and 3 separate appointments to tell me that my daughter has a bladder infection. Poor little muffin has probably had it for months ... at least that is what the pharmacist thinks by the dosage of meds they are giving her to clear it up. Yikes. She has been complaining about pain for ages and I can't believe they didn't catch it before now. 

Today is day 3 of the prescription and I can't believe the improvement... she willingly pees on the potty... don't get me wrong, there are still huge issues and an insane amount of accidents... but at least there has been an improvement. 

(How much do you bet she is just going to LOVE that I blogged about this when she is about 13.)

Back to my crappy day... at one point I found Olivia sopping wet with rather disgustingly messy pants and honestly? I am really done cleaning up bodily fluids. Ick.

She also dumped her potty all over the floor. Super ick.

I'm certain other lame things happened today too... so I am currently watching Gilmore Girls to erase it from my memory.

This is the episode I am watching...


Unknown said…
Uhm... I for one don't have a life. Hanging on your every word here.

Potty training sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks. There is almost nothing I loathe more than potty training. Which might explain why my daughter is not potty trained yet. Glad the meds are helping.

I hope Tuesday is better. Love you!
Jinny said…
Yay potty training! I'm just joining that world.
K, what is up with doctors being so lame as to not inform you when something is wrong?! It seems to be a pandemic. Sorry it happened to you guys. Not cool.
Stephanie said…
Oh poor baby! Poor you! So glad the doctors finally got in touch with you and you got her started on those meds. I'm sure potty training will be so much easier now:)
PS Hope your goose egg is better soon!
Patricia Ward said…
Your day and the messiness surrounding potty training really did remind me of your potty training days - what goes around comes around. (Chuckle)
Linnie said…
Oh wow!

Take a hot bath and paint your nails (or something that is equally relaxing and confidence improving). You deserve it.


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