You see that blur in the background?

That is my son Aiden.

Our town added a whole bunch of sand to the beach at our local lake and the kids discovered that you can leap off the edge of the grass into the pit of sand.

That's Owen starting to land in the sand.

They jumped over and over and over and over again.

Even Olivia jumped a little bit... that's her in the pink in the background.

Owen did an excellent non-painful fall at one point...

I never did manage to get a non-blurry picture of Aiden...

Their clothes and every visible patch of skin were absolutely covered with sand and they were having a great time until Owen did this jump...
He landed on his backbone and winded himself but good. There was a lot of tears but he recovered fairly quickly. I didn't take anymore pictures though :) . 

My kingdom to have even half of the energy my sons have. Seriously.


Linnie said…
OMG...glad the kids had so much fun!!

Growing up we lived close to a HUGE sandhill that we would walk up and then run down. We could do it for hours - it was our version of summer sledding.

Glad there are still simple pleasures for kids out there.

Unknown said…
Those are awesome pictures!!! Aiden doesn't even like sand on his feet, hey? And glad Owen is ok.
Looks like a whole lot of fun. Bet your laundry room is a mess though :-)

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