Owen's face in this picture sums up my feelings about today pretty accurately I think...

a mixture of confusion and disgust.

I've had a migraine all day today and despite the lovely meds I took it does not seem to be going away. Which makes being on the computer rather difficult.

It also makes parenting rather difficult but that is significantly less optional.

The children are all bathed and in bed though... finally... so I am going to go have a drink and rest ... maybe watch a Gilmore Girls rerun quietly and then go to bed. Hopefully I will wake up pain-free.

I hate migraines. 


Unknown said…
Well, that's not very good! Feel better.
Unknown said…
Did the GG therapy work? How are you feeling today?
Linda said…
Yup, his face says it all. Sorry to hear about your migraines. Are they cyclical? I have a friend who is triggered by certain foods. She's very restricted by what she can eat.
Petula said…
I'm so sorry... Migraines really suck. So much pain and parenting and pain don't mix well. Feel better soon!

Cute picture even if he is a bit disgusted.

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