Heroes: Season 4 *review*

Heroes: Season 4
(information taken from the Universal Studios Home Entertainment website)

Experience all the intrigue and suspense of the last season of the hit show Heroes: Season 4, in this 5-disc set that includes all 18 gripping episodes from the fourth season’s volume, Redemption. As the Heroes mourn fallen friends and face dangerous new foes, prepare for a wild ride — filled with shocking twists and turns — through an ominous funhouse that culminates in a Brave New World. Then step right up and explore hours of exclusive, behind-the-curtain magic with the show’s writers, stars and artists. DVD extras include deleted scenes, audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes, alternate story: Slow Burn, the genetics of a scene, and Tim Sale’s Gallery of Screen Art. On Blu-ray, experience U-Control, My Scenes, Heroes Connection Network, and BD-Live functionality to get even more into the action.


I did not watch Heroes on TV but everyone has said such great things about it that I wanted to see what the fuss was about! I read a whole bunch of summaries of the first 3 seasons since I was jumping in with season 4. Even with my prep work I found it very confusing jumping in late to the game (so to speak). I watched several of the episodes and then decided I would enjoy it more if I watched the first 3 season first!

I will say I enjoyed it enough that it made me want to actually go out and buy the first 3 seasons on DVD. I found the storylines and characters fascinating and the acting was excellent. I must prefer watching TV on DVD because I can watch it at my own pace- starting whenever I want and stopping whenever I want is perfect for those of us with kids!

I am certain that Heroes fans will love Heroes: Season 4 on DVD or Blu-ray. 

Thanks so much to Universal Studios Home Entertainment for sending me a review copy of Heroes: Season 4 on DVD.


Petula said…
I missed some of the last season so I would love to watch this. I don't know if I'd want to purchase it 'cause I'd probably only watch it once. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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