Family Portrait Fail

 We attempted to take a couple family pictures while we were on our vacation and these are the best we could do.

You would think children with TWO parents who take pictures ALL THE TIME would know how to pose better. But no. Owen jumped on my shoulders for some unknown reason and Olivia and Aiden were having some sort of a moment and Doug only made it in to one shot.

We are awesome.


Family portraits are hard but those shots do show their personality.
Joella said…
These are beautiful ... love~love~love the first one :)
Unknown said…
Well, you and Doug look great! And the spacing is good. That's a pet peeve of mine... bad spacing on portraits.

And yes... you are awesome (and not sarcastically either).

You really do look fabulous in pink.
Patricia Ward said…
I love the interaction between Olivia and Aiden! And yes, you all look fabulous "unposed"!
A. Smith said…
That first photo is priceless! Photographers work for hours in hopes of capturing such a precious moment. I love it!
Paula Schuck said…
Oh, I agree. I love the first one at top of page. You look great and the kids look like they are having a good time. I would print that off and save it forever. Gorgeous!

These are awesome!!! :)
Linnie said…
I love these! They totally showcase each individual and bind you as a family!

Fab pics and a good looking family!


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