Aiden's Weighted Blanket

Aiden has always loved piling blankets on top of him, the heavier the better. Kids with Autism often love that sort of thing- it helps Aiden calm down.

My sweet mother-in-law made Aiden the most amazing weighted blanket. Aiden adores it. It has a bunch of pockets where you put small bean bag type things which means you can adjust how heavy the blanket is.

Weighted blankets are only meant to be used for small periods of time (about 20 mins or so at a time)- it is not a blanket to sleep all night with or anything. Although Aiden would love to. But if he did that then his body would get too used to the weight and it would be useless.

Weighted Vests or Blankets: The concept of the weighted vest or blanket is based on the technique of deep pressure. Deep pressure is used to assist the child to self-calm and relax so that sensory stimulus can be processed. The use of a weighted vest or blanket is thought to provide the child with unconscious information from the muscles and joints. Children who are easily distracted, hyperactive and lacking in concentration are said to respond positively to the additional weight.
 - taken from the Autism Society of Canada website

Someday I should try and take a video of what a huge difference this blanket can make- Aiden can be stressed out and put the blanket over him and he calms right down. Aiden responds amazingly well to deep pressure techniques. We've known that for years but this is our first time using a weighted blanket.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you all his beautiful new blanket ... my mother-in-law is unbelievably good at all things sewing/quilting/etc.. Seriously. She makes us fabulous stuff on a really regular basis.

Thanks Ann for making this blanket for us! We love you :)

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Jenny said…
oh tara, i read about these (in the latest jody picoult book which was about a child with autism). the character used a weighted blanket and had other sensory items. it was really interesting and now it's so neat to see yours! i am so glad it makes a difference for aiden. thanks for sharing - it's beautiful!
Unknown said…
Oh, it's lovely! I keep thinking I should get Finn one, but she doesn't seem to like blankets on her at all, so not sure it'd be worth it. Your mother in law did a wonderful job.

Will starts Monday.
Linnie said…
That is such a creative idea! Just what grandmas are for!

Glad to hear he likes it.

Tanya said…
God BLESS your MIL!
Unknown said…
That's wonderful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this... I had no idea.
Patricia Ward said…
Yes, his blanket is fabulous. I'm so glad the other grandma is a sewer, since I am not! Well done, Ann.

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