Pop On Pals *review*

Thanks to Team Mom we were sent a Pop On Pals Amusement Park Playset to review.

Pop On Pals is geared to ages 2-4 so my daughter Olivia (age 3) fit the bill perfectly. She was very excited about her new toy as soon as I took it out of the box.

This is Olivia showing me "the guy" (her words) that came with the set...

The set included the one character, 3 pop on rings and the amusement park playset. There are 5 different "activation points" where you can put the pal to produce lights, sounds and music. Olivia really enjoys all the sounds but I must admit they drove me crazy after a bit!

This toy would have been better if it had included more than one pal and more rings. I understand that the idea is to get parents to buy more stuff by not including more in one package but I think most parents would agree with me - that is just annoying. Olivia is much more likely to play with a set that has two characters because she enjoys making them "talk" to each other in typical girl fashion.

Pop On Pals did amuse my daughter quite a bit since it is bright and colourful and fun. Plus it hasn't broken or fallen apart in anyway since we got it last week. Always a good sign.

Olivia has barely touched the pop on rings though. They look a little weird and after trying them a couple times she abandoned them completely. She seems to prefer playing with the pal on his own. I think she would enjoy it better if the character had some movable arms or something similar.

Overall Pop On Pals is a decent toy but I highly doubt we will be purchasing anymore of them. I think they would be ideal for the 2-year old age group though.

Thanks so much to Spin Master for sending me this toy to review!


Auntie E said…
What fun.. Love those kind of toys. It keep the girl busy for hours.
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