My Meet Up With Janice & Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom

While we were on our vacation I had the super-fun experience of meeting up with Janice & Susan - the fabulous twin bloggers from 5 Minutes for Mom!

We got our 3 families together for a meal and it felt just like I was meeting up with old friends- but it was actually the first time we all met in person. Janice & Susan are just as delightful in person as they are on 5 Minutes for Mom. They are most certainly women who I would be friends with "in real life" if only we lived closer!

That is one of the things I love about blogging- the friendships we make online are REAL!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

We all have children in the same sort age groups - between us there were 7 kids and they all played together so well. Janice and I even have daughter's almost the same age with the same name- Olivia. :)

My sons have asked several times when they get to see Janice's son Jackson again!

Here is a little video I made up with pictures of the kids playing together.

I have been reading 5 Minutes for Mom for over 3 years now- if you haven't checked it out before now you really should. And if you are ever reading their blog wondering what they are like in real life? Well, they are just as I imagined them. Fun, real, and great to spend time with.

Thanks so much Susan & Janice for meeting up with us! I truly hope we can do it again soon :)


Unknown said…
Oh I'm so jealous but in a CONGRATS - THAT'S AWESOME kind of way -- LOL -- Seeing as all 4 of us are from the SAME TOWN.... I wish I could have joined you three!!!

We could all eat at my parent's restaurant... The Roadhouse.... :D

I guess this makes up for you not being able to go see Glee on Stage! Cool.

And one of these days I'm going to meet you AND Shasher in real life! (Maybe not the same day, but still.....)

By the way, I stopped by to tell you I've given you an award! Come over to my blog and check it out! CONGRATS! :)

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