Bubble Bashing

I am beyond overwhelmed with all I have to do... apparently when you go away on holidays for a few weeks you pay for it for several weeks after you get home. It's like being punished for taking time off or something.

Anyway, our first stop on our vacation was at my friend Becky's house. While we were there my daughter Olivia and my friend Cecile's little boy had a great time playing together. At one point Doug was blowing bubbles and they were bubble catching (and I was taking pictures of course). It was very cute. And since bubbles are light and airy perhaps looking at some pictures of them will make me feel a little lighter and happier today.


I still don't feel light or airy.

It was worth a shot though :)


Sofia said…
Lovely shots! I've always wanted to take photos of bubbles. Unfortunately it is always me the one blowing the bubbles...oh well.
Following you from Blogg Moms.

Those are great bubble pics! I'm glad you had a great vacay...and it's so true...coming back is always...blech :P Welcome back anyway :)
Unknown said…
that first bubble shot is incredible!!
I feel like I haven't "seen" you in ages!! Your photos are staring to rival Doug's, Tara :-) Lovely bubble shots. I hope you're having a terrific summer!! I miss you.

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