Are You Dreaming? *Guest Post*

This post was written by my dear friend Shash. She is a fellow blogger and pastor's wife and she also happens to be my boss! She is a work at home mom with 4 kiddos and an all-around fabulous woman. Thanks for guest posting on my blog Shash!

I woke up early early one morning a while ago with this thought, "In order to create, you must first be able to dream".

I love to dream and I'm not talking about the dreams you have most nights after eating too much pizza either!

The first kind are those godly dreams and visions you have about the future and/or reveal things. For me, they usually have to do with increase and growth. Bigger and better. Sometimes they are warnings. They also almost always have to do with change. When I have these kinds of dreams I wake up with "that feeling" and I can't describe it very well, at times I feel like I've been pressed deep into the middle of my mattress. The images and even the sounds are so vivid. I can remember these kinds of dreams, verbatim, forever.

The other dreaming I like to do can be classified as a typical daydream, where you allow yourself to think of yourself in another job, home, country, etc. I can see myself living in that house, or moving to that country, or working in that job. I don't just think about it, I can actually place myself into it in my mind's eye.

I'm married to a man who dreams even bigger. The sky's the limit. We're talking BIG BIG!

As a pastor, at times this gift has not been a blessing... some in the church have said that he needs to come down to earth, "live in reality" and some just don't "get him" when he shares his dreams with them. You can actually see their minds revving up, whirling around and trying to grasp all that he is saying. Usually it has to do more with figuring out how exactly he'd do it and how much it would cost, or cost them more like, then just listening and imagining along with him. In my opinion... this is because they themselves do not or cannot allow themselves to dream. (If you want to grow, increase, enjoy all God has for you, fight the urge to rationalize all the reasons why your dream can't happen!)

Then there are those who you know are seeing what he's seeing or are at least getting just as excited as he is. A grin begins to form, their eyes start to sparkle and their head can't help but nod.

I have to admit... at different points in my life... I have fallen into both categories.

I believe that dreaming is vital to our lives - dreams can help restore our body, our mind and our spirit. Daydreaming has been proven that it relieves stress, improves attitude, fosters creativity and refreshes our triune-being. Many successful people utilize positive daydreaming in their day to day lives.

God is a creative God who has created us to be creative. I believe the link between being able to create is being able to dream. They are intricately entwined - like the strands of DNA.

I truly believe that dreaming about our future helps create our future.

In order to create... you must first be able to dream!

What kind of future are you creating for yourself?

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Shash said…
Thanks Tara for letting me guest post again! :)
Amanda said…
I consider myself a dreamer for sure- both kinds... when dreaming about the future of a church- the vision kind- it has to be considered that it will cost the whole church family (ex dreaming of a camp :-))It affects the lives of many people, not just the person who has the vision. I guess I am saying it is natural for some not to see the vision and a blessing from the one's who can see it.

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