Vacation: Day 1

The Adventure Begins!

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. My kids are all asleep and Doug and I are sitting in the dark trying to relax from this crazy day.

This morning we saw a deer get hit by a transport truck and it was horrible awful sad. I literally saw the whole thing- from the deer running into traffic to one truck swerving to miss it to it being hit by another truck and flung through the air to land twitching and flailing in the middle of the road in front of us. The transport truck was not affected in any way and we were in no danger or anything but oh it was awful. Owen saw it too. Thankfully Olivia and Aiden were oblivious. But the sight has haunted both Owen and I all day.

I mean it was seriously heartbreaking to see it suffer so much. I hope it died quickly.

I was nauseous for hours. Owen had a lot of questions and cried some too. I told him that Jesus took the deer to deer heaven right away so it wouldn't be in pain anymore and so it could run and play and be happy and not ever have to worry about being hit by a truck again.

I've never seen that before and I hope to never see it again.

And that was in the first hour of our trip.

The rest of the day was much less eventful. Thank-you God.

Tomorrow we head to the great wide open space that is Saskatchewan!


Amanda Daybyday said…
{{Shudder}} I'm glad you guys didn't hit it!
Patricia Ward said…
Oh honey, what an awful experience. Poor Owen, but I too am thankful Aiden & Olivia didn't see it! You described it so vividly that now it's haunting me!!! Thank God you came thru this physically unharmed at least.

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