One More Sleep

This expression cracks me up...

It was the expression Aiden gave me when I told him that we weren't leaving for vacation until Monday morning. Only one more sleep!

I sure have a ton to do though... I may be up all night.

Oh, and it is pouring rain so the kids are trapped inside. That also means our "church in the park" service will no longer be in the park.

And I discovered that our sleeping bags all smell urine-like and that won't do so I am washing them one at a time and hoping they are all fresh for tomorrow.

I folded laundry for an hour and a half straight last night. We have too many clothes/ blankets/ towels/ sheets etc.. Seriously. I bet we could cloth a small village.

My super awesome amazing mom is going to house-sit/ cat-sit for us and she told me not to worry about leaving the house totally clean for her- she'll clean it while we are away!!!!! Seriously the best happy-vacation gift ever!


Katherine said…
Have a great time!
You have an awesome mom. Enjoy your holiday!
Shash said…


Get on that road and don't look back.
Petula said…
Love the sad-vacation-hasn't-started-yet face. LOL... I totally know the feeling. :-)

That's a lot of laundry, but you so totally know that I so totally understand. I'm glad you discovered the urine smell BEFORE you left. :-D

I love your mom. Can she come here too so I can go on vacation. I need her to house and kid sit. LOL...

Have a great time, and I can't wait to see the pictures.
Tracy said…
Have a great time! And if you can get that smell out of your sleeping bags let us know how. I have noticed ours is smelling funny and I was not sure how to make them smell better.

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