No Phone Zone

 I'm sure all of you have heard of Oprah's No Phone Zone campaign- I first heard about it a few months ago but today I came across this video...

The other day I wrote about how my daughter was almost hit by a truck... of course she didn't get hit but that sure wasn't the case for the mom in that video. Watching that mom talk about her little girl being hit by an SUV because the driver was distracted with her cell phone made me weep. It just breaks my heart to think about losing a child. And to lose your child to something as senseless as someone just not paying attention while they are driving is just so very wrong.

Personally I don't have a cell-phone.

I know, I know... it's unbelievable. I had a cell phone for about 2 months once but it got stolen and that was the end of that. I do hope to get one someday but it hasn't been a necessity for me yet.

But my husband has a cell phone and he is always very careful to use his phone as little as possible in the van and when he has to use it he always uses a handsfree device. And he NEVER texts and drives or anything as stupid as that.

In my opinion there is just no excuse for being that irresponsible. Come on people- it won't kill you to wait to text someone back... but it might kill you if you do. Don't be an idiot. Seriously.

Here is Oprah talking about her No Phone Zone challenge:

If all that doesn't convince you than just remember it is also illegal to use a cell phone while driving unless you are using handsfree technology.


Shash said…
Thanks for helping me spread the word!! I'm a BIG advocate for handsfree devices - if you MUST work while you drive... but really... why?!!!!!

My Dad was rear-ended last December by a texter 'n driver. He slammed his massive truck into the back of my dad's car and pushed him further into the intersection. He is lucky he wasn't hurt let alone killed. The driver of the truck got out and actually told the police officer that he was trying to text when he looked up and hit my father.

Life it too precious!
Petula said…
I'm so sorry for this mom's loss. Sad.

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