The New Play Date

Last night we had some friends over for supper. My sons adore Cici and were thrilled when she agreed to play Mario Party on Nintendo DS with them. It is one of those cool games where they can all link up together and play.
Since it was Cici's first time playing the game Aiden had to show her what to do.
It always amazes me how proficient kids are at gaming these days. All of them are better at it than I am!
I must admit that I love our Nintendo DS'... it was totally worth the money. Of course now the boys are asking for the cool new Nintendo DSiXL... I told them they had to buy them with their own money. They weren't too pleased with that for some reason :) .

Oh, and no one paid me a thing to write this. But if they did that would be awesome!


Patricia Ward said…
Aw great pictures! I am amazed how they seemingly almost instinctively, know how to play these games! They're gradually teaching me as well!!!

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