Zhu Zhu Pets for Nintendo DS & DSi *review*

We were sent Zhu Zhu Pets for Nintendo DS to try out and we LOVE it! Up until this game arrived only Aiden (age 8) and Owen (age 6) played DS... I assumed my 3 year old daughter Olivia was too young to play DS. I was totally wrong.

Aiden and Owen both love the game but Owen pretty much claimed it as his own as soon as he could. He has played it multiple times and thinks it is great fun. Olivia spent the first day watching her brothers play the game and then she started asking to play.

It really never occurred to me that Olivia would actually be able to play... so one day while the boys were at school I let her try out Owen's DS and with barely any instruction from me she was playing the game!! It took me longer to explain how to turn the DS on than how to play Zhu Zhu Pets.

Ever since that day Olivia has been asking for her own pink DS so she can play Zhu Zhu Pets. She loves, loves, LOVES the game.

I love it because it is easy enough that my three year old can play it without having to read but it is also entertaining enough to keep my 6 & 8 year olds entertained. We have tried several different "E" for Everyone rated DS games since this past Christmas when my boys got their DS's... and Zhu Zhu Pets is the first game we've tried that is ACTUALLY "E" for Everyone.

There is absolutely nothing objectionable in the Zhu Zhu Pets game- it is 100% kid friendly. We've had older kids over visiting and one 10 year old boy said "hey! this game is actually pretty fun!" and proceeded to play it for a good hour until Olivia insisted he give it back to her. :)

This is a fabulous game for any kid, including non-readers! It also seemed to entertain Grandma pretty well which means it is also great for non-gamers :)

Thanks so much to Zhu Zhu Pets and  BSM Media for sending me a review copy of this fabulous game!


We have had our DS for about a year now and we have a "Smart Girls" game that I would highly recommend for a variety of ages. Your boys may not like the title but you would probably find them playing it too!

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